Companion CD


The Companion CD packages in ISO form provides sensible updates to those packages that were offered on the “CD” in years past and are still important to many Solaris sites. A complete list of the packages contained on the Solaris 10 CD’s can be found in the Companion CD File List

Solaris 10 Price Purchase/Download
– Update 11 $25 Purchase Solaris 10 Update 11 Companion CD
– Update 10 $25 Purchase Solaris 10 Update 10 Companion CD
– Update 9 $25 Purchase Solaris 10 Update 9 Companion CD
– Update 8 $25 Purchase Solaris 10 Update 8 Companion CD
– Update 7 $25 Purchase Solaris 10 Update 7 Companion CD
– Update 6 $25 Purchase Solaris 10 Update 6 Companion CD
Solaris 9 $25 Purchase Solaris 9 Companion CD
Solaris 8 $25 Purchase Solaris 8 Companion CD

Once you have completed the purchase, you will be directed to the appropriate download page, and receive an email with a receipt and a copy of the download link which is valid for 24 hours. If you don’t receive the email please be sure to check your spam folder.

If you have any questions about obtaining or installing any of the Companion CD packages, report any problems via the support form page.

Please Note:-

  • Make sure that you know for sure which level of Solaris you are using by looking at the /etc/release file on your system. For example, on a SPARC Solaris 10 Update 9 system, you will see an s10s_u9wos entry or you might see s10x_u8wos for x86 Solaris 10 Update 8.
  • The Companion CD files install in subdirectories of the /opt/sfw file system rather than in /usr/local.
  • The files in the Companion CD archives are compressed with the zip or bzip2 programs rather than gzip and are uncompressed with the unzip or bunzip2 programs rather than gunzip.
  • The ISO CD file contains SPARC and X86 packages, as well as the source files for each package.
  • All files referenced on this page fall under the same Legal  Terms as other packages on this site.
  • UNIX Packages/Sunfreeware no longer provides individual Companion CD files.

Installing Packages From Mounted ISO Images

  1. Download one of the files – say sol-10-u10-companion-ga.iso.bz2 to a directory, for example, /tmp.
  2. cd to /tmp and run bunzip2 sol-10-u10-companion-ga.iso.bz2
  3. Mount the iso file with commands like (as root)
    lofiadm -a /tmp/sol-10-u10-companion-ga.iso /dev/lofi/1
    mount -F hsfs -o ro /dev/lofi/1 /mnt
  4. In /mnt, you will find the files and directories,
  5. Suppose you want a SPARC package. Do
 cd /mnt/Solaris_Software_Companion/Solaris_sparc/Packages/

Then, choose the package you want to install, say SFWaalib, and do

pkgadd -d . SFWaalib

Follow any instructions. The files will be installed in /opt/sfw subdirectories.

Creating a DVD from an ISO file

If you want to create a DVD from the .iso files, you can use the cdrw command available in some levels of Solaris, a PC or Mac burning program, or something like cdrtools – whatever you prefer. If you have cdrw, it is a simple matter to run

> cdrw -l 

Looking for CD devices...
Node Connected Device Device type
/dev/rdsk/c2t0d0s2 | MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ-845S D200 | CD Reader/Writer

> cdrw -d c2t0d0s2 -i sol-10-u10-companion-ga.iso

where the cdrw -l tells us what dvd device we might have. Assuming it is a DVD writer, then we use its device name in the second command to burn the DVD (after you have a blank DVD in the drive of course). The process usually takes a few minutes.